Tuesday, November 16, 2010

kit wilson-yang

new solo album! eleven songs written and recorded in guelph and then mixed in montreal last winter. the songs have drums and overdubs and, ryan thinks it should be on vinyl and sounds real good on headphones. there is a pretty picture of a bird on it. in one of the songs you can hear logan give a deep sigh cos he was sleeping next to the microphone while i was recording the guitar tracks. it's got all the new 'hits' heh...

chris yang and sarah ayton

with sarah ayton . she's awesome. these eleven songs were recorded at the meeting place organic farm in lucknow, on. during a week stay in feb 2009. most of the songs were written there. it's a really nice winter album. new songs, new sounds. it's pretty and kinda slow. ryley really likes it. it's also the last thing to have chris yang on it.

germaine liu and kit wilson-yang

a collection of old and new songs from an afternoon of recording that we did back in 2009 and ryan newell's house in toronto. the songs were picked out of some silly amount of hours of recordings and then mixed beautifully by ryan and master artfully bu fezzzzz. germaine is a brilliant listener and player and the recording is one of my favourites that i've ever made.
sorry i don't have a picture of it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

the rain

a story about a rainy time in the world, where all the world is one colour. all the sounds are one sound. it's about being in a place that does not change and forgetting all the things that made you happy. pretty water colours and some fun with stamps.
there is a question of legibility of the text, but you be the judge.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

four heavens

voila! a book of poems by me that i've been making for a while now. i figure $2-5 is a fair price for this one. these poems roughly track a day, a year, or a minute. here is a sample...

you and the bricklayer
yr father
will wake each other
he will hold you until you breathe steady
thinking of your birth
and the hours after
hours you suckled his thick hands
movers of stone
builders of walls
before your mother could hold you

a nose bleed in the lecture hall i'd rather
(i am)
wake (waking) up
(too) fast (slow)

death starts in the field
a prick behind my left knee
spreads like feet on underwater sand
and reaches

the city snores clouds of wishes to
flat music brittle chords
on static

why won't my senses adapt?

too thin to stand

a nose bleed in the lecture hall

Friday, August 28, 2009

the story of the mountain and the cloud

this is my first story book, of many i hope. the story is about a mountain trying to speak to clouds, but they operate at such different speeds it proves difficult. the mountain learns an important lesson about cycles and time. pretty pictures, beautiful lettering by sarah ayton. you can hear me read it here.

changes of state

i recorded this is my bedroom originally as reference for me, so i wouldn't loose songs in my memory. but but but, i needed something to sell at shows that was more recent and well, people seem to like it. i have a bunch of this e.p. left. it comes with a really pretty booklet and has eight songs. i think my voice was recorded well.